General Information

Welcome to 10th EAAE PhD Workshop! Here we provide general information on this event.

The EAAE PhD workshops are an opportunity for doctoral students across Europe to meet their peers and to get constructive feedback from leading agricultural economists on their work. The workshops are open to any students, regardless of their stage in their PhD program. They include both academic sessions, professional development opportunities and social events designed to facilitate meetings and networking opportunities.

At the 10th EAAE PhD workshop, participants will have the opportunity to attend:

  1. Plenary sessions: this workshop has two types of plenary session: first a session where a keynote speakers will present recent advancements in the field. The second type is designed to provide guidance on how to develop a successful career in research in the field of agricultural, environmental, food and development economics.
  2. Parallel sessions: in these sessions doctoral students present their work in a variety of formats tailored to their stage in program. These include discussion papersand flash papers, where participants will receive feedback on their progress.
  3. Speed dating: this session occurs in the first day of the workshop and is a network building opportunity. The aim is for participants to get to know each other and identify colleagues doing similar work or with identical research interests.
  4. Ideation session: this is another network opportunity but targeting the development of future collaborations. In this session participants will be given a brief on current challenges or policy questions and challenged to write the outline of a research proposal where they could collaborate.
  5. Mentoring session: this session offers an opportunity for participants to have one-on-one meetings with more experienced academics to discuss any issue career development concerns.

In short, this PhD workshop taking place in the beautiful city of Budapest, creates a stimulating and welcoming environment focused on PhD students studying across Europe. It is designed not only to provide feedback on participants research, but also offer opportunities to make new friends and establish connections leading to future collaborations.